Wulfist and John
Tonight we where joined by Jesse "Wulfist" (Kaylie's cousin) as he makes his debut on to y2cl radio! We spend time talking about Jackie's juice drinking habits. There is a lovely colorful update on John's nipples. Lot's of homo erotica up in this piece tonight, so much so it might make out homophobic listeners a little uneasy. (Just kidding, it's no more than normal. We just talk about group cuddling) This marks the first OFFICIALLY new episode of y2cl radio! More to come! Hopefully on the next episode we will have Jon Anderson. (Featured image unrelated)

y2cl radio episode 27 – Wulfist

y2cl-radio-023 1
We finally hear from Joe, co-creator and long time recovering Mexican, Kurt Sasso of TGT stops by to lend a hand at co-hosting. Producer Kam also joins us for a moment, only to leave in a blaze of glory.

y2cl radio episode #23 – For The Reels Opens up

This episode is all about Kaylie's trip to Utah where she attended Shine in '09 with the Moms in Laws, visited Ryan and Vee hudson (FROM CHANNEL ATE!), did some other dorky stuff, recorded some events, got other events she recorded corrupted then came home to two weddings.

y2cl radio episode#18 – Kaylie’s trip to Utah!