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y2cl radio episode 3

John and Kaylie cover ‘Anyone Else But you’, we talk about nipple piercing and get political on yo’ punk ass.

y2cl radio episode 2

On tonight’s episode we have special guests Ryan and Vee Hudson from ChannelATE.com stop by and hang out for the ENTIRE hour and 44 minute long episode! On the show in total is myself, my wife, Kamren, Ryan and Vee. The topic for tonight? Whatever! After the show check the rough show notes below!
Tonight’s Spotlight band is Ryan Hudson!

y2cl radio episode 1

On tonight’s episode my wife and brother in law Kamren join in the fun! Take a listen, we got this in at just under 44 minutes. Also, you get to hear the ENTIRE Damn The Cow Better than Sex LIVE! album in the background of the Q&A. I had planned to showcase a little more DTC for you, but this will do for now! Below is our show notes, but not in any way a complete transcript of what we talked about!